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Your spiritual health is really the “bedrock” that drives and directly or indirectly affects all areas of your life. The four great fundamental questions… (but certainly not limited to these) are ones that occur or manifest themselves in some way, every day of our lives. Where did I come from? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do in the time I have? Is there anything after this life? These are the questions that humanity has asked themselves since “the beginning”. A spiritual journey is a process where we use that gift of “wonder” to help shed some light on these, and many other questions like them.

Together, we will craft a plan of what that “road” looks like for you. This helps get you to a starting point of what that “road” looks like for your future, in other words, where do you go from here and what needs to change.

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Recognizing that drug and alcohol addiction is a serious health crisis in America, I speak nation-wide where I tailor my talks to schools, universities, churches, synagogues, and organizations, offering an overview on addiction awareness and discuss what steps are needed to help those suffering in their addiction and how loved ones and friends can help themselves. As a person in recovery, and based on my own personal experience, my approach is both personal and heartfelt. I help my audiences begin to understand not just the disease, but I also offer solutions by connecting you with the appropriate resources so that one may begin to “navigate” the necessary “next steps” on the road to recovery. My talks offer real hope and solutions, especially to the still suffering addict and their families.

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My team and I work with you from pre-treatment consultation to post treatment care. This includes a free 30-minute consultation so you can make an informed decision about whether or not our support is appropriate for your circumstance.

Our process starts with a loving get-together. A drug or alcohol intervention is about letting the addict realize that the problems hounding him or her are due to their habit, and how the addiction has caused ill effects on their family.

The addict must recognize the fact that he or she has an addiction. Once the addict admits to having a problem, having trained professional counselors work with the family and the addict together often guarantees that the abuser will confess to wanting to go for drug or alcohol treatment.

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Meet Tom

I am a Spiritual Director at heart, with my Masters of Divinity degree from Mount Saint Mary’s University and over 15 years of spiritual direction and counseling experience. My years in the seminary and years as a Catholic priest were years spent as a myriad of duties, with counseling being my true passion. I counseled both one on one as well as to groups on a long list of “life’s challenges”, including addiction. While I am no longer in the priesthood, I still offer my services to friends, ex-parishioners and those referred to me by others who know me personally and professionally. I have not lost my zeal for counseling and interacting with people to help them along their own spiritual journey.

I spiritually counseled in prisons, rehab centers, schools, nursing homes, you name it. Spiritual counseling permits me to walk with people, to offer guidance and hope to them. From the most devout persons of faith to the staunch Atheists, I have never met a person who does not have at least that “sense of wonder” that opens them to so many possibilities of healing. As a stand-up comedian throughout the nineties I quickly discovered that I had the talent, not only to make hundreds of people laugh, but to actually connect with them in a very unique way. As a recovering addict myself I am able to speak the language of recovery, to empathize, to have that compassion and understanding that only someone who has been “through it” can have.
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“I plead with you—never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.”

– Pope John Paul II



If you are still unsure of how I can assist on your personal and spiritual journey, and still have questions on how I can help guide you, here is a good place to start before taking steps forward.




Growth is possible anywhere, anytime. If you need some words to get you through the day, listen to my podcasts and keep your focus on your personal spiritual journey no matter where you are.




See videos of talks that I’ve given on a variety of spiritual topics. They can be just what you need to spark the attitude that will lead you on a new path in your personal and spiritual journey.


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Please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss how I can help provide hope, inspiration, and direction for positive change.Whether you would like to meet one-on-one as an individual, schedule for me to speak to your group, or arrange for an intervention to help a loved one overcome addiction… I am here to help spark hope and ignite change!